Benelux company formation

Belgium – Netherlands – Luxembourg

Expatriation and Residence

Company and branh formation


Benelux is a permanent economic organization created in 1948 which brings together 3 independent countries: Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg

We take care of all the formalities for setting up companies and branches without you having to travel to Belgium, the Netherlands or Luxembourg.


Domiciliation of the head office, banking introduction, drafting of notarial deeds, registration in the register of companies, legal publications … and with the help of our local correspondents daily management, accounting and balance sheets, recruitment and management of employees

Trade and activity authorization – Business plan

These 3 jurisdictions require managers to have professional experience or diplomas to carry out certain activities, or a training course with the local chamber of commerce, which is why the incorporation of a company is a complex formality. In addition, local Notaries and bankers most of the time require a Business plan or at least an Executive summary that we can produce if you wish.

Motor vehicule and yacht registration


We also take care of the registration procedures for imported vehicles and new or already registered vessels.

Services for expatriation


We take care of all the procedures to obtain a long-term residence permit for nationals of the European Union or outside the European Union, whether to exercise an activity or simply to reside as a retiree or residence without activities

Real estate – Permanent residence


With local professionals, we help you find the property to rent or buy that exactly matches your wishes.