Set up Company  in France

Branch & Representative Offices

for non-résidents

Company, Branch or Representative Office


Whatever your nationality or country of residence, in a few days and without moving, we set up your company (SARL, SAS ..) or SCI Real estate company or your Holding in France
We register Branches and Representative Offices within 3 days
Payroll & Social management for employees

France is a market of great importance with agreements
in the French-speaking world


France is a country of great economic importance, a market place of more than 70 million people, a powerful country which shines through a French-speaking community throughout the world, united by privileged conventions facilitating trade and business.


Real estate companies – SCI


Do you have a project to acquire real estate in France?
The real estate company (SCI) is made for these projects which allow the acquisition and management of real estate of any kind. Installation is quick and easy, usually in less than a week

No distinction between residents and non-residents


There is no difference in procedure between residents and non-residents
The treatment is perfectly identical for company formation, branches or representative offices in France.
The procedures and formalities remain the same regardless of your nationality or country of residence

You can set up and manage your business without moving to France


We take care of all the formalities without you having to travel
We provide daily administrative and social management for French and foreign employees