European funding and programs

International grants and private foundation

Why are you wainting to apply for grants


Business, Start-Up, project leader, aid distributed in the form of grants are essential for the development of your project.
Grants, with a few exceptions, are non-repayable, whereas a loan is a charge.
Unlike the introduction of private investors or venture capital firms, you never lose control of your project.


Do not wait to apply for aid and subsidies, in addition to funding possibilities, these steps will allow you to meet key players in the field that concerns you and to develop a quality relationship on which you can build your development.

Entreprise, Start-Up, porteur de projet, les aides distribuées sous forme de subventions sont essentielles au développement de votre projet.

Les subventions sauf exception ne se remboursent pas, alors qu’un prêt est une charge.

Contrairement à l’introduction d’investisseurs privés ou à des sociétés de capital-risque, vous ne perdez jamais le contrôle de votre projet.

N’attendez pas pour solliciter des aides et des subventions, outre les possibilités de financement ces procédures vous permettront de rencontrer des acteurs clefs dans le domaine qui vous concerne et de développer un relationnel de qualité sur lequel vous pourrez construire votre développement

400 European Union funding programs


In addition to the funds distributed by each country of the Union (ERDF, ESF, Cohesion Fund and Fund for Agricultural and Fisheries Products), the European Union offers aid through more than 400 programs, finances projects and grants grants and aid to companies, associations and communities which serve the interests and general policy of the European Union.


These programs, which cover almost all commercial, scientific, social and cultural activities, research and development activities, distribute aid which is granted to nationals of the European Union but also of the whole world through cooperation programs.

A good first impression


The document describing your reasoned project in terms of the European community represents the essential stage which conditions the success of the procedure because the projects must necessarily correspond to the expectations and objectives of the European program.


The requests that are made involve having to comply with a very strict administrative process by providing adapted to the risk of being rejected without having been examined.
For the other public or private organizations that you can choose to solicit, a clear and reasoned project represents one of the keys to success, these organizations are very solicited, therefore poorly presented projects are most often immediately rejected.

Our assistances for our customers


  • Select the programs,
  • Develop a reasoned project
  • Set up a watch on calls for project
  • Document and collect information
  • Lobbying for project

Institutional funding and private foundations

In addition to European aid, we can act with international organizations likely to supplement the funding: Council of Europe, the UN and its agencies: ILO, FAO, UNICEF, WHO, and more than 3000 institutional institutions and private foundations through the world.