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Company formation & branch in the United Kingdom


From January 1, 2021, the United Kingdom will no longer be part of the European Union, the formalities and procedures for registering companies will be changed.


The Kingdom benefits from an image of quality and international influence with a network of privileged agreements with most of the Commonwealth countries of which it is a founding member.


We take care of all the formalities for setting up a business and branch in the UK without you having to travel:
Domiciliation of the head office, banking introduction, model deeds & constitution, registration in the company register, legal publications … and with the help of our local correspondents day-to-day management, accounting and balance sheets, recruitment and personnel management

Management of salaries and social charges – Expatriation


With our certified accountants, we take care of all social procedures and obligations for employees in the United Kingdom

Expatriation in the United Kingdom?


The procedures have changed, we have adapted the new legislation and can provide you with all the services you are entitled to expect: finding accommodation, registration with social services, consular registration, and for children school and university registrations, car registration and meter change.