Company formation in USA

Administratives formalites and procedures

Copyright – Trademarks – Food and drug administration – ITIN & EIN

Company formation in the United States
Head office and official local representative


Formalities for the incorporation of a company, in the form of an LLC or a general company, the LLC being the form of company generally adopted by non-residents.


Our services include the administrative procedures and preparations of forms, the domiciliation of the head office and the provision of a legal representative in the state of incorporation, the provision of model articles of association, registration with the Office of the Governor, publications … and with the assistance of our local correspondents day-to-day management, accounting and balance sheets, recruitment and staff management.

Setting up companies and branches without you having to travel to USA


Services all States exepted American Virgin Islands

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Formalities and administrative procedures in the United States

We also offer a series of administrative and regulatory procedures: trademark filing, Copyright, ITIL & EIN registration, FDA registration, Apostille and legalization of American documents…

Trademark registration in the United States


Priority search, federal trademark filing.

Copyright deposit


For manuscripts, musical scores, website texts, photographs, software…

ITIN tax registration


ITIN is a number issued by the US government – International Revenue Service – to non-US residents who must:
Complete certain tax formalities, sell American property (real estate investment) or become a partner or manager of a company in the United States without residing there.

EIN registration

For non-residents, registration to obtain a tax number is mandatory. This number is requested by administrations and banks, even if no employee is hired by the company in the United States. We take care of these procedures as quickly as possible.

FDA formalities – Food and drug administration


Exporters of products and services who wish to distribute their production in the USA or who participate in the development of products or services as subcontractors are required to comply with the very strict provisions laid down by the Food & Drug Administration.

These are mainly liquid or solid food products, veterinary products, cosmetics, medical equipment and decision support software in the medical or biomedical field.

We provide the service of legal representative in the USA (mandatory) as well as the administrative procedures and formalities with the FDA.

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