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We register your Company or Branch in France Without moving

“Non-Residents” package

SAS – SARL – SCI – Branch of a foreign company

How to create a company in France and deal with multiple procedures?

The formalities often discourage project leaders: Create an SAS or a SARL, register a branch, set up a civil real estate SCI, set up a holding company, each company imposes its share of administrative, social and tax formalities.

We take care of all the formalities, without you having to travel

Here is a brief overview of the steps and formalities to be undertaken to create a company in France, whether for residents or non-residents

  1. Choice of legal form: Determine the most appropriate legal form for your business, such as a SARL, SAS, EURL, etc.
  2. Drafting of the statutes: Draft the statutes of your company, specifying in particular the corporate purpose, the distribution of shares or shares, the operating procedures, etc.
  3. Share capital: Determine the share capital of your company and open a business bank account in the name of the company.
  4. Name choice: Select a name for your business and check its availability
  5. Domiciliation: Choose a domiciliation address for your business. You can opt for your own address, rent premises or use the services of a domiciliation company.
  6. Registration in the Trade and Companies Register (RCS): Submit a registration file to the RCS including the articles of association, the M0 form, a sworn statement of non-conviction, etc.
  7. Legal notices: Publish legal announcements in an approved newspaper to inform of the creation of your company.
  8. Taxation: Declare your company with the competent tax authorities (corporate tax, VAT, etc.) and obtain the necessary tax and customs numbers (EORI)

With JURIXIA choose security by delegating all procedures and formalities to our experts

Without you having to move


How to obtain official documents from companies in France?

We order for you these documents issued by the Registries, the INPI and the INSEE:

Kbis extract – Articles of Association – Minutes – Certificate of non-bankruptcy – Statement of debts

INPI trademark certificate – INSEE certificate

With legalization and sworn translation options